Henry County Industrial CID Formation

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The Henry County Industrial Community Improvement District (CID) formation is underway! Commercial and industrial property owners are encouraged to join the CID to collectively work together along with other property owners to improve the south central area of Henry County.

CIDs were developed from a state constitutional amendment (VIEW LEGISLATION) approved by Georgia voters in 1984. CIDs are an increasingly popular method of promoting economic growth in Georgia, with approximately 28 CIDs currently active. CIDs have influenced the development of the metro Atlanta region significantly and have since expanded to other parts of the state. CIDs are a type of business improvement district which emerged as a mechanism for commercial and industrial property owners to address problems such as economic decline or to fund large infrastructure improvements, by levying an additional annual assessment. They provide supplemental services such as landscaping, street cleaning, public safety, and transportation improvements.

The goal of the CID is to lead the effort to expedite infrastructure improvements, quality of life, and economic improvement strategies for the benefit of businesses, employees and visitors to the south central industrial and business districts in Henry County.

To join, property owners must complete a consent form confirming they are the true owner of the real property (not just the business owner) and confirming they agree to make the annual investment to the Henry County Industrial CID.

The amount of the annual CID investment is based on the assessed value of the property. The millage rate will be set after the formation of the CID. CIDs in metro Atlanta have adopted millage rates ranging between 3 mills and 5 mills. Annual CID investments are made through the property tax bill (nothing is due up front to join). Funds will be collected by the County on behalf of the Henry County Industrial CID and will be transferred to the CID’s bank account to be used for the CID’s projects, programs, and initiatives.

All revenue generated by the CID is reinvested only within the final formation boundary. 

Click HERE to view a boundary map of the proposed Henry County Industrial CID parcels.

Have more questions, click HERE to view a Fact Sheet to learn more about CIDs.

Join the Henry County Industrial CID by completing this CONSENT FORM

Send completed forms to:
Nickel Works Consulting
c/o Henry County CID
P.O. Box 366152
Atlanta, Georgia 30336

Use this INTERACTIVE MAP to determine the value of your commercial property and estimated CID investment amount.

We look forward to having you become a part of the Henry County Industrial CID!



For questions related to joining the Henry County Industrial CID, contact:
Nicole M. Hall
Nickel Works Consulting, LLC